I’ve been using the Inifity 60% Keyboard for a couple years. I love how customizable it is and it’s been very reliable. I did have to get used to the Standard layout. The backspace key was in a different spot than I had been used to on my previous Poker II 60% board.

Inifinity 60% Keyboard

I’m also able to program the keyboards firmware. Which has worked very well, since I can now program things like volume, function keys etc all mapped to keys I want. Over time I’ve been able to customize the layout and layers too so that everything feels natural.

Infinity 60% Keyboard - Back


My PCB is labeled Rev 1.2.


I’ve used the kii builds and have been happy so far with this.

Kiibohd Controller

QMK Firmware

I’ve found this also, but have not tried it to date. I’d like to give it a go however as it seems the repo is active.

QMK Firmware